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Manor, Texas 78653
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The Vision:
The New Sweden Heritage Center will be a place where people can go to appreciate and learn from history, enjoy community activities, and grow together in honoring the past and enjoying the present.

In 2009 a group of visionaries from the church sought to preserve past, present and future memorabilia and heritage of the Swedish founders as a living testament to the New Sweden congregation and surrounding communities. A turn-of-the-century farmhome on Jacobson Road was donated from the estate of Ronald W. Lowther, a Newquist grandson, on behalf of the Newquist Family and moved to the church grounds. It is known as The New Sweden Heritage House and is being restored through generous contributions of friends.
Newquist House Moving In
Through 2010 the Heritage Center was leveled and underskirting was installed as funds were made available.

In 2013-2014 the foyer of the Heritage Center was wallpapered with authentic patterned paper consistent with the "turn-of-the-century" area farmhouses.

In 2014-2015 wallpaper was chosen for the front sitting room. The doors were fitted with new locks so that memorabilia can be securely stored in the house.

In 2016 the Heritage Center was wired for electricity with particular attention paid to future installations of air conditioning and water heating. Period-specific curtains were hung on all the windows which help prevent damage and overheating from the sun. The front sitting room was wallpapered and the beadboard was installed on the ceiling.

In 2017 three additional rooms were wallpapered and ceiling beadboard was installed. A period pump organ was donated to the Center and is on display in the foyer where a similar organ had been in the early days of the home.

This year the Heritage Center is set to have electricity connected. Also handholds have been installed on the front steps to make access easier. The electricity will allow us to have coffee and scorpor served in the kitchen.

Serving Friends:
Food and serving others go hand in hand. Part of preserving the heritage of New Sweden involves preserving the history of the food and traditions the Swedish people embraced. The Heritage Center plans include a yearly Swedish celebration (May Fest) with traditional food. When the Center is complete a Swedish Kitchen will be in place to serve traditional Swedish FIKA (coffee pause).

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