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The Second Annual New Sweden Heritage Center May Fest was held May 2, 2015.
It was established to create awareness of the Swedish heritage in the area and to generate interest in the ongoing plans for the Heritage Center. Those plans include renovation of the newly acquired Peterson/Newquist house and creation of a museum and learning center.
Each year some aspects of life in the community are featured, families, genealogy charts, etc.
Displays at the New Sweden Heritage Center for 2015 included:
Early Pastors (Swedish)
  • Oliver Berglund, Samuelson and Magnuson Families
  • Alfred Scott, Magnuson and Arnhamn Families
  • Combined Display for Pastors Cavallin, Noyd, and Dr. Stamline
Music Ministry Leaders
  • Leland Lundgren, the Lundgren/Birath and Stenholm Families
  • Yvonne Creppon, the Lundgren/Birath and Smith Families
  • Warren Lundgren, the Lundgren/Birath and Olson Families
Featured Families
  • Lucille Anderson Pearce
  • Marvin Lundgren
Large Map of 1910 Family Farms of the area.
Large Map of Sweden
Small Map of Småland
C.P. Peterson Family
Display Case with authentic Swedish settler keepsakes

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